Il pianeta azzurro, n. 4, dicembre 2017

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In this number, you will find three interesting deepenings on water.

The first addresses the problem of Po River Basin that has suffered important morphological changes during the time. Soil stability and protection has been longly (for almost 20 years) discussed in ad hoc Parliamentary committee the “De Marchi” until 1989 when a new law had seen the light. In this article, you will also discovered one of the main problems, sovralluvionamenti“,  a solution ofter illusory, “disalvei“, and a conclusion of the meteorologist Luca Mercalli.

The second article is about a reflection about how freshwater should be approached at school. Freshwater is foundamental to all life on the planet. However, its amount is only 2.5% in comparison to all the water on Earth. You will discover that, usually, narratives aroud freshwater are presented in two distinct ways: though a hydrological narrative or a hydrosocial narrative.

This number end with the interesting study on the undersing of pre-service teachers about the water cycle. The aim of the research was to study the prevalence of misconceptions among pre-service teachersconcerning processes and phenomena in the water cycle.


4 By the Commission De Marchi of 1970 an urgent request for river basin plan Pier Luigi Cavalchini

7 Reflecting and reframing the teaching and learning of the world’s most essential resource: freshwater


12 Pre-service Teachers understanding about water cycle

Abidelfatah Nasser and FadiaNasser-Abou-Heija

15 Authors and collaborators of this number

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