Il pianeta azzurro, n. 3, ottobre 2017

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Vancouver hosted the Ninth World Education Congress; the WEEC title was “Culture and Environment. Weaving New Connections”. Like the Editorial says, Education for Sustainability is fundamental for building new cultures and new environments for a sustainable future. Now we wish to invite you to the next 10th WEEC in Bangkok.

In this number of Il Pianeta Azzurro, you could appreciate some Murals and Artworks, in order to provide an innovative approach to environmental education and, in particular, in order to creat a connection between our behaviour and water and fish habitat.

It is really important to create connections between stakeholders and local people. The Research Group of Applied Ecology at Politecnico di Torino, coordinated by prof. Elena Comino, developed this education activities focused on “Learning the river culture”, starting from 2009 until now.

9th WEEC CulturEnvironnment

Water Weec meeting (1/2)

5 Editorial Water Education Stefano Moretto and Michela Lucchini

6 Art, Ecology and Educating Communities about Water Louise Towel

7 The City as a Living Organism David Zandvliet

11 Learning the river culture by playing, studying and discussing Elena Comino and Maurizio Rosso

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