Il pianeta azzurro, n. 3, ottobre 2015

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In this number of Il Pianeta azzurro, Stefano Moretto would like to invite us to the next international meeting-rendezvous-reunion that will be held in Barcelona at the 3rd European days of environmental education toward sustainability on 2nd of October, 9.00h – 10.30h.

The environmental education is the main theme of the picture book “The travels of Leo the Whale“, described by Carolina Parra Thompson and Xiomara Zuniga Salas. This picture book is based on the symbols of the colours. One of the book’s goals is to stimulate a dialogue between adults and children about the obstacles faced by whales on their journeys.

Sara Sozzo talks about the “green” and “blu” revolution: our lives and economies depend on energy and on the natural capital provided by the Earth and water. Because of this, it is really important to talk about the sustainable education as a preparation for future living.

In conclusion, the number ends with a description by Elena Pagliarino and Andrea Ponti of two R&D projects focused on organic aquaculture and sustainable fishery in order to reflect about the importance to find an equilibrium between exploiting and preserving the sea.

3 Plastic Waist Turtle - Carolina Parra Thompson, Xavier Villafranca

5 Words From The Sea: Environmental interactive education project - Maurizio Würtz, Nadia Repetto

7 Ghost fishing gear and fishing waste in the Gulf of Venice, north-east Adriatic Sea: first observations - Federico Riccato, Nicoletta Nesto, Luisa Da Ros

9 The "Caulerpa cylindracea - Egadi Islands" Project - Anna Maria Mannino, Stefano Donati, Paolo Baustreri

11 Get people into action to save the oceans. A small story of success: "Consumare Giusto" approach - Daniele Tibi, Andrea Bigando

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