Il pianeta azzurro, n. 2, luglio 2015

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In this number of Il Pianeta azzurro, Carolina Parra Thompson and Xavier Villafranca talk about the Plastic Waist turtle, a group of art projectwith the aim to creat a visual image that addesses some of the environmental impacts that result when human activities and wildlife overlap.

Maurizio Wurtz and Nadia Repetto describe Words From The Sea, an environmental interactive education project, that needs a strong collaboration between scientists, governments and civil society, with a “constructivist approach.

In this number, another important problem, described by Federico Riccato, Nicoletta Nesto and Luisa Da Ros, is the ghost fishing gear and fishing waste in gulf of Venice. It is really important to adopt suitable management options, both preventive and curative, in order to reduce the dispersion of plastics and micropastics originating by the ghost net degradation.

Moreover, Anna Maria Mannino, Stefano Donati and Paolo Balistreri talk about the “Caulerpa cylindracea – Egadi Island” project, based on a collaction of data and photo concerning the sighting of C. cylindracea within the Egadi Island MPA.

In conclusion, Daniele Tibi and Andrea Bigando talk about “Consumare Giusto“, a non profit organization based in Turin that aims to educate consumers towards a more sustainable seafood consumption behavior.

3 Aquatic Education - Stefano Moretto, Monica Risso

5 The Travels of Leo the Whale - Carolina Parra Thompson, Xiomara Zúñiga Salas

7 The Ecosystem services based approach in the Mediterranean Sea - Sara Sozzo

9 Educational needs and opportunities for a more sustainable fish supply chain: evidences from two R&D projects - Elena Pagliarino, Andrea Pronti 

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