Il pianeta azzurro, n. 1, aprile 2015

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In this number of Il Pianeta azzurro you could find a lot of articles about the Network and experiences on marine and fluvial environmental education in Europe.

Angelo Mojetta talks about the history of fluvial environmnetal education in comparison with the present one. For example, he said that schools are a key place to learning about environmental issues, but today environmental education is also related with other citizen places, because of the nowdays diffusion of citizen science.

Edo Passarella describes his experience with Water Crew, in the middle of the sea, where human diversity and biodiversity are “a blessing”.

In conclusion, Paolo Balistreri describes the Partecipated Project “Caulerpa cylindracea – Egadi”, launched by the Department of Science and Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Tecnologies of the University of Palermo.

3 The history - Stefano Moretto

4 Experience on marine and fluvial environmental education in Italy - Angelo Mojetta

6 Water Crew - Edo Passarella

8 Weec Bergamo 2014 - Francesca Alvisi

11 “Reti nella rete” project - Fabrizio Torsani

13 Science and citizens get together in the Participated Project “Caulerpa cylindracea - Egadi” - Paolo Balistreri

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